Role-playing Workshop with AccommodateSG

Have you ever wondered how decision-making about our urban landscapes tells us about our nation’s priorities? What are the possible consequences of choosing to build, conserve or destroy? What can we learn from our past land-use planning decisions?

In collaboration with Accommodate, a land-use simulation game session was held on 22 September 2019, Sunday, at Function Room, Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens. Accommodate is an initiative started in 2017 by a group of youths, and it has since evolved over the numerous workshops conducted for groups including schools and public agencies.

15 BFF youths joined the Sunday morning session to explore the importance of land-use planning and examine how biodiversity can fit in by role-playing as ministry officers to develop/redevelop Singapore’s land.

  Accommodate facilitator, Vanessa Poh, going through the course of the gameplay

In Accommodate, there are several groups who each represent a hypothetical ministry, e.g. Ministry of Supply. The main objective of the game is to obtain higher scores for each ministry’s indicator through a series of auction rounds and action rounds. In each auction round, ministries are open to bid for a plot of land. When a ministry wins an auction, they will get to determine an action taken upon that land by conserving, demolishing or redeveloping it. However, with each action taken by the winning ministry, there are repercussions, with some ministries standing to benefit while others penalized.

The Defense Ministry strategises their moves before bidding begins
Throughout the game, different case studies of land-use change in Singapore were introduced to participants
Things were shaken up in the last round, sparking intense discussions and collaborations between ministries
  Everyone’s on the edge of their seats for the final score

As the game came to an end, participants were reminded to think about their land-use decisions throughout the game. Does a positive score in a particular sector necessarily satisfy the needs of the citizens?

BFF ended up with two Housing Estates and Museums in the vicinity of each other, after demolishing quite a number of old landmarks! That said, the Environment Ministry managed to conserve a mangrove area and set aside the primary forest as a Nature Park, which was definitely an achievement in the grand scheme of things.

Thank you Accommodate for facilitating this interactive workshop!


To round it all up, we hope that all BFFers had an enjoyable time with this stimulating game session, look out for more updates from Accommodate at their webpage,!

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