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The BFF Challenge 2021 Execution Team

From left to right, top to bottom: Jeff, Joy, Izzdanial, Siva, Bao Shen, Chloe, Karyn and Yu Xin

We have begun preparations for the BFF Biodiversity Challenge 2021! The Biodiversity Challenge is a programme open to anyone who is keen to learn more about contribute to biodiversity in Singapore. It is centred around three elements:

  1. Empower yourselves by attending the BFF workshops [Virtual, 4 hours over a few sessions]
  2. Equip – Attend three curated field trips offered by seniors and log your experience in a shared field journal on wordpress [3 field trips, 10 hours]
  3. Engage & Enable – Share about nature a wider audience [6 hours]

On 13 Jan, our team of five enthusiastic youths from 2020’s BFF Challenge: Chang Yu Xin, Chloe Foo, Jeff Tan, Karyn Lee and Yap Bao Shen, met with N Sivasothi from NUS, Joy Wong and Muhd Izzdanial from NParks. Last year’s Challenge was an exceptional one due to the pandemic, and we hope that this year, we’ll be able to bring back physical walks with safe distancing for participants to enjoy and experience the wonders of being in nature’s presence. Stay tuned to find out more about 2021’s Biodiversity Challenge!