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2021 BFF Biodiversity Challenge Seminar #2

On 13 Mar 2021, the second workshop for the Biodiversity Friends Forum (BFF) Biodiversity Challenge was held with 42 participants attending the two-hour online session. The workshop was organised together with 5 enthusiastic youth alumni from previous challenges and facilitated by 6 other youth alumni. Since the start of the Challenge in February , participants had the chance to embark on guided field trips by guides from various nature groups such as the Naked Hermit Crabs and Young Nautilus, as well as activities such as the Intertidal Watch.

BFF Biodiversity Challenge Workshop #2 attendees

The seminar kicked off with a summary of some of the field trips that have happened in the past weeks, accompanied by a sharing from two participants, Zachary Chong and Gretel Seet, about their wonderful experiences during their intertidal trip to Changi Beach and a night walk in Bukit Batok Nature Park

Participants playing the workshop games on Google Jamboards

Next, Mr N. Sivasothi, NUS Lecturer and advisor to the BFF Programme, gave an overview of the three mini activities that participants would do: Basics of Ecology, What is Balance, and Who Protects Biodiversity in Singapore.

In the first activity called “Basics of Ecology”, participants were introduced to the ecological keywords used to understand different animals. In particular, they looked up the activity pattern, diet, sociality and habitat types of a few species of native fauna.

In the next segment called “What is Balance”, participants were introduced to the idea of the different land uses in Singapore and to give familiarity to reading and understanding maps. This was done with exploratory exercises on two websites, Participants were directed to a website, a database of historical maps of Singapore as well as, where they can find out more about land ownership in Singapore.

In the last activity, “Who Protects Biodiversity in Singapore”, Karyn, one of our enthusiastic youth organisers took the lead in introducing some of the stakeholders involved in protecting biodiversity in Singapore, such as some nature groups, government agencies e.g. NParks, and institutions e.g National University of Singapore (NUS). This was to acquaint them with the stakeholders’ functions and point them to hotlines and resources when they encounter issues to provide feedback on. This culminated in a Kahoot! Quiz to summarise the key points highlighted.

BFF Challenge Workshop #2 Organisers and facilitators

From Feb till June 2021, participants will continue their Challenge, completing their 3 field trips and performing an Act for Nature, paying it forward and contributing back to nature by sharing their acquired knowledge with others. Their reflections are posted on

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