BFF Biodiversity Challenge 2021 has concluded! (Part I)

Despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, BFF was fortunate to run the annual Biodiversity Challenge to its completion, joining forces with numerous nature advocates. For the fourth year running, BFF reached out to numerous individuals who were students in pre-tertiary institutions, universities and young working adults. Through the six-month programme, we got our participants to explore and be touched by Singapore’s biodiversity.

I: Stay-home Workshops

Our workshop games were converted to online activities by the wonderful organising team, fielded by last year’s alumni. Participants joined us from the convenience of their homes for two workshops, which sought to give a teaser or crash course to Singapore’s biodiversity and conservation scene.

Having materials online meant that we could easily recreate the workshops and do re-runs of the workshops! A total of 5 sessions of the two workshops were attended by 80 individuals and facilitated by our alumni.

II: Field Trips

Next up, we sought to provide participants a chance to experience Singapore’s amazing and varied natural environments. Thanks to our friends in the various nature groups, we were able to collate a variety of them for the participants, which was exceptionally pertinent this year as the field trips had to be carried out in small groups to keep everyone safely distanced.

The field trips were as varied as our participants! Some were held in the day and others at night, and some also focused on specific animals or animal groups, such as herptiles (reptiles & amphibians), insects, primates or otters.

See photos taken by our participants during some of their field trips below!

Along the way, each of the participants’ journeys were documented on the BFF Challenge 2021 blog. Read on for more inspiring reflection journals here.

III: Act For Nature

Continuing the tradition of completing Acts for Nature, our lovely BFFers gave back to nature through the form of outreach and service. Having been exposed through their field trips, they sought to share the information they learnt by reaching out to their own social circles.

The AFNs were carried out in different forms of media. Some chose to do them online, creating an infographic before sharing with their friends and family. Check out some examples of these artwork from our BFFers An, Nadine and Esther respectively:

Others chose to bring their friends or family out on a nature walk to a park, sharing with them information about our local biodiversity, like Lecarl, Wenyi and Matthew here:

The reflections of the participants’ Act For Natures can be found here. We hope this will not be the end of our participants’ journeys in biodiversity discovery and learning! Keep on visiting our parks, new and old, and spotting the amazing plants and animals that call Sinagpore home.

This was a quick recap of our participants’ experiences of this year’s BFF Challenge. Stay tuned for the round-up of our closing session in Part 2!