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BFF Virtual Nature Race 2020

25 Sep 2020 – The BFF alumni and friends organised an action-packed Virtual Nature Race! This online ‘Amazing Race’ game comprised a series of cases to be cracked by a Nature Investigator.

An online ‘Amazing Race’ specially designed by youths, for youths!

6 teams of youths aged 17 – 25 met on Zoom, ready to put on their thinking caps! They traversed Singapore virtually, ‘visiting’ local nature areas across the island. Using tools like Google Maps and NUS Libraries’ Historical Maps of Singapore, they raced to solve cryptic clues. As they completed their challenges, our facilitators shared about threats to biodiversity, local conservation efforts and more. There was definitely lots to learn, while having fun!

Check out some of our highlights below.:

Team Eco Heroes, led by facilitator Nasry, cracking a secret code.

Facilitator Cheryl guiding Team Hawksbill Turtle, as they explored using Google Maps.

A creative interpretation of the Southern Ridges, by Team Eco Heroes!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…Brahminy Kite formation by Team Mudskipper, with a little help from their facilitators Tina and Srishti.

It was a close race, but in the end Team Drongos emerged victorious, and Team Otterly Adorable followed closely behind. Team Eco Heroes and Team Mudskipper took away the prizes for the Best Southern Ridges and Best Brahminy Kite respectively. Congratulations to our winners, and well done to Team Hawksbill Turtle and Team Wanderer too.

Smiles from our facilitators and participants!

Thank you to all our participants – we hope you not only enjoyed yourselves, but also learned something new about the biodiversity we are lucky to share our island with.

The organising team

Special thanks to our facilitators and organisers: Cheryl, Chew Peng, Isaac, Nasry, Shi An, Shi Le, Srishti and Tina. The weeks of researching, late night discussions and dry runs definitely paid off! With the power of online communication, the possibilities are endless. We hope you continue discovering creative and unique ways to enthuse others about biodiversity. 🙂