Biodiversity Challenge

The BFF Challenge

The BFF Biodiversity Challenge (or BFF Challenge) is a structured capacity building programme organised within the Forum. In 2018, the first forum was initiated in response to the need for public education about Human-Wildlife Interactions in Singapore. Through seminars, workshops and field trips, the challenge equipped participants with basal knowledge necessary to learn about and take action for these issues. This programme culminated with public outreach at the annual Festival of Biodiversity.

Inaugural BFF Challenge Opening Seminar in 2018

Since 2019, participants are also required to reflect on their Challenge experience and post their thoughts in a blog each year. Visit the blogs by clicking on the images below!

Biodiversity Challenge 2019

There are four elements to the Biodiversity Challenge this year

  1. Empower: Attend the BFF Seminar & Workshop on Sat 23 Feb 2019
  2. Equip: Attend five curated field trips offered by mentors, log your experience in a field journal and attend a reflection session.
  3. Engage: Attend the Festival of Biodiversity (FoB) 2019 Preparation Workshop (in May) and engage the public at FoB on 25 & 26 May 2019.
  4. Enable: Conduct Acts of Nature to contribute towards Singapore as a more enlightened space for Human-Wildlife Coexistence.

1. Empower: Attend the BFF Seminar & Workshop on Sat 23 Feb 2019

2. Equip – Curated Field Trips for the Biodiversity Challenge 2019
Participants of the Biodiversity Challenge 2019 are being offered a series of curated walks by members of the nature community. In addition to the exploration of a diversity of ecosystems and wildlife, each trip involves engagement with Facilitators who will act as a human library, and with each other, to build a network of natural history enthusiasts.

We have visits to forests, mangroves, inter-tidal areas, and participants will learn about macaques, crocodiles, otters, pythons, birds and wildlife rescue, from March to May 2019:

  1. Labrador Walk with N. Sivasothi aka Otterman (NUS Toddycats)
  2. Crocodile Watch with Bernard Seah (SBWR Volunteers)
  3. Monkey Walk with Joys Tan and Quek Xiao Tong (JGIS)
  4. Bird Walk with Xu Weiting (NUS Toddycats)
  5. ACRES visit w/python talk by Sankar Anantharayanan (HSS)
  6. Intertidal Watch with Cheo Pei Rong (NParks)
  7. Love MacRitchie Walk with Chloe Tan (NUS Toddycats)
  8. Otter Walk with Chong Marjorie & Tina Liow (Otter Working Group)

We are also pointing participants to other walks, workshops and festivals offered by the community in Singapore, and will guide reflections and discussions about their experiences and the landscape in Singapore.

Thanks to the community for their nurturing support of enthusiastic new individuals!