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PARTY TIME @ BFF Challenge 2019 Closing

The second BFF Challenge has come to an end! BFF Challenge alumni from 2018 and 2019 were invited to drop by the Red Box on a Friday evening on 2 Aug 2019 for a pizza party with games.

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The evening started off with a pizza party with pizzas, wings, chips and fruit tarts, where everyone was busy eating and mingling with each other, and certificates were given out to 10 of the 12 BFF Challenge alumni. Great job BFF Challenge 2019 graduates, we hope you’ve learnt more about Singapore’s wildlife and also made new connections and friends from this experience!


Following that, BFF Challenge mates had the chance to play “Wildlife Encounters”, a game designed by BFF Challenge 2018 graduate and her coursemates from NUS’ Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) programme. This was the time to score points by doing the right actions when you encounter a wildlife around Singapore, or sabotage your friends into making poor choices which may result in a negative Human-Wildlife interaction.

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All smiles from this group!

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Sneak preview of the game, which will be available for play in the Forest Discovery Centre at the upcoming Gallop Road extension of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

P1010884 (LESLEY CHNG).jpg

Time to take out the chip stash, before tabulating the scores!

Thank you Charlotte, Yudhish, Christabel and Lorraine for creating the game and facilitating the session with BFFers!

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After which, Tina (BFF Challenge ‘18) and familiar OtterWatcher gave everyone a crashcourse on “How to be an effective AV crew”, drawing on her learning points from organising the recent Mangrove, Macrobenthos and Management 2019 Conference. A nice summary and many useful pointers brought up for everyone to reflect on.

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Last but not least, Siva ended off the session with a Q&A about Stakeholder Engagement, for BFFers to ask any questions about the process when large development projects happen, typically involving various stakeholders including nature groups, researchers and relevant parties. While the topic was new, we hope more are interested in the process, given its recent spotlight from development projects such as the Cross Island Line and the Mandai Project.

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That’s it, cheers to all the Challenge participants, we hope you join this growing network of youths passionate about biodiversity and conservation of our natural heritage through the BFF Programme, and will be interested to be involved in the organisation of future events and workshops.

In the meantime, look forward to upcoming workshops to build capacity and relationships in the last quarter of the year!