SCRAPBOOK: Herp Herp Hooray!

April 2020 – After asking a Herper some Burning Questions, the BFFers researched on various reptiles and amphibians that can be found in Singapore. They each chose a species of herp to highlight, and learned about several aspects of their ecology. Take a look at what we found out!

One BFFer, Yu Xin, even created an infographic about the Black-eyed Litter Frog! Scroll all the way down to check it out.: 

BFFer Yu Xin put a creative spin on her research: 

Designed by Chang Yu Xin. Inset photo by Melvyn Yeo (

Though these creatures are often misunderstood, it is clear why they are important in many ecosystems. They prey on a variety of species, and actually help humans keep pest species populations in check. Without herps, our food sources and crops would be threatened even more by hungry predators! Many people also fear venomous herp species, but most of the time, they will only attack when provoked. These fears will be unwarranted, as long as we learn to appreciate them from a safe distance.

We definitely hope to see some of these fascinating creatures in person, when it’s safe to explore our nature areas again! In the meantime, find out more about some of our local herps on the BFF Challenge blog. 

SCRAPBOOK is a series of posts featuring written work and photographs submitted by our BFF Challenge 2020 participants themselves. Look out for more of them here!