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SCRAPBOOK: Burning Questions LIVE with a Marine Conservationist

8 May 2020 – The Covid-19 situation may have put our field trips on hold, but we can still have meaningful conversations about biodiversity from a safe distance!

Introducing Burning Questions LIVE – Our virtual fireside chat series. BFFers could meet nature guides (who, under normal circumstances, would have accompanied us on field trips) and have their burning questions answered!

We dove right in, with a chat with a Marine Conservationist – NParks’ Senior Manager (Coastal and Marine), Cheo Pei Rong:

It was an enriching discussion for all. Pei Rong gave us an overview of Singapore’s marine biodiversity (Who would’ve thought that our little city state was home to impressive creatures like sea turtles and dugongs?). She then introduced us to the programme she launched – NParks’ Intertidal Watch, which engages volunteers to gather scientific data about our intertidal diversity. She even shared her ‘tagline’: You don’t have to be a scientist to do science! It is indeed heartening to know that even everyday individuals can play a key role in protecting marine life. Finally, Pei Rong provided insight to some of the challenges in the local marine conservation scene. Our seas serve a variety of needs, so multiple perspectives need to be considered when making decisions.

Check out some of our highlights below, or visit the BFF Challenge blog to find out more.

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