SCRAPBOOK: BFF Big Birdwatch

Over the 25 – 26 April 2020 weekend, BFFers were up bright and early to embark on our Big Birdwatch from home! 

For our first citizen science-based activity this year, the BFFers recorded birds they spotted over a 30 min period between 7 – 9 am on either day. Sightings were recorded and mapped on the NParks BIOME system using the SGBioAtlas app.

Though identifying some species (especially by calls!) proved to be tricky, it was still an educational and insightful experience for all. We were definitely wowed by the variety of birds we can observe without having to leave the comfort of our homes! Visit the BFF Challenge blog to find out more: 

You can birdwatch from home too! Check out these tips to make the most out of your home birdwatching experience:

Often, birds are heard before they can be seen. Here are some bird calls you may be able to hear from your home: 

SCRAPBOOK is a series of posts featuring written work and photographs submitted by our BFF Challenge 2020 participants themselves. Look out for more of them here!